I've been building and supporting Backdraft for 4 years now (2 years as a free product). Not only is development and testing very time-consuming (I don't believe in cutting corners, even for stuff I give away), but there are very tangible costs that I need to cover, like hosting, the domain name, and recording equipment for making screencasts.

If you use Backdraft in a commercial capacity, please consider helping me out by tossing some change into the tip jar. It means much more than you think.

Other Ways You Can Help

  1. Build a website and email me the link! I may feature it on the homepage.
  2. Write a testimonial for the homepage and send it. Keep it short and sweet (or not), and send it along with a photograph of yourself (optional), your name, and a link to your website.
  3. Submit a feature request. We're always looking for ideas for new modules or features.


This is an incomplete list of the folks who have helped this project in a substantial way:

  • Everybody who purchased Backdraft prior to it being released for free.
  • Tim Plumb (action development)
  • Walter Davis (action development)
  • Joe Billings (action development)
  • Softpress (for obvious reasons)
  • John Williams ☕
  • Paul Horsted ☕
  • Mark Spivey ☕
  • Lance Kelly ☕
  • Advent Marketing ☕
  • Will Bramhill ☕
  • Jay Brooks ☕
  • Margaret Johnson ☕
  • Jolanta Nejman ☕
  • Jacob Cichy ☕
  • Chod Land ☕
  • Rene Daveluy ☕