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What’s New in Backdraft 2.0

After Freeway 7 was released, we took a long hard look at Backdraft, what it was, and what it could be. Using FW7’s new features, we built what we believe is the easiest-to-use and most powerful version of Backdraft to date.

  1. New

    • Modern header. This is a simple header with a navigation menu on top that is fixed to the top of the browser window. This uses the CSS Menus action.
    • Fixed header. This header is fixed to the top of the browser window, much like the one on This uses the CSS Menus action.
    • Side-by-side header that places the navigation menu on the same line as the logo and title. This uses the CSS Menus action.
    • Full-width wrapper. Now it’s even easier to create window-width backgrounds!
  2. Improved

    • Backdraft now uses the Freeway’s new responsive functionality instead of hand-coded CSS wherever possible - thus making it much easier and quicker for you to customize and tweak the appearance at various breakpoints!
    • The “alternate” modules have been rebuilt with simpler construction.
    • All modules have been moved onto master pages. This will make your site’s publish faster and keep Backdraft HTML files and placeholder graphics from cluttering up your site folder.
  3. Fixed

    • All the bugs!
  4. Changed

    • All graphics that need to be flexible width must now be imported as pass-through graphics! This is due to a technical limitation of Freeway 7. Read the full article here.

Go forth and make the web responsive!

Caleb Grove
Mastermind at OnRamp Web Design
Creator of Backdraft