It stinks to be stuck. However, we've created a bunch of resources to help you out, so let's see what can be done!

Backdraft Docs

The Docs should be your first stop. It’s the place to get directions for third-party integrations (Hype, WOW Slider, Webyep), getting-started tutorials, and advanced Backdraft features. If you have a question that falls into one of those categories, hop over there!


FreewaySearch is our own custom search engine for all things Freeway. Chances are, someone before you has had the same question, and this is the tool to find the answer they got.

Premium Support (New!)

Here at Grove Design, we now offer premium support for Backdraft users who need fast, detailed, and accurate help developing their responsive website. With over two years of experience troubleshooting Backdraft-built websites for hundreds of customers, we probably already have solution for your problem. Find out more ›


Q: What's new in version 2.1?

A: 2.1 is a general refinment of 2.0 and encompasses all we've learned about building responsive websites in Freeway 7 over the last year. For the full list, see the "What's New" page at the Docs ›

Q: Can I upgrade a website built with a past version to the most recent?

A: We’re afraid not. Template files are unlike software and even actions; there is no upgrade path to use. However, you can continue to use your existing document just as you were.

Q: Will X, Y, or Z work with Backdraft?

A: Some third-party stuff and Freeway actions will work fine in a responsive layout, while others won’t. Check the list of third-party integrations on the Docs website.

Q: Will Backdraft restrict my creativity?

A: It depends on your skill level. If you are an experienced Freeway user, know your way around inline design, and can hack some working CSS together, there are no restrictions. However, if you are new to Freeway, have not done inline construction, and don’t know CSS, you may find your design style held back a bit.

Q: Where can I learn about inflow construction?

A: Thomas Kimmich has been creating screencasts to explain inflow construction. Watch them here ›

Q: What is the difference between the regular modules and "alt" modules?

A: The difference is purely cosmetic. The regular modules have colored columns on a transparent backdraft, and the "alt" modules have transparent columns on a colored field. This used to require a different construction before Softpress created the "Auto Clearfix" action, which is why they were created in the first place. The reason why they have been left in is because that styling is very popular and common.

Q: Was this website built with Backdraft?

A: Yes, and all in one afternoon. If you want to deconstruct the Freeway file, contact me and I'll send it along.